Shooting of Huize’s you last collection of Antwerp Fashion Academy.

MUA : Lengel Hair
Casting : Shaine Mahaux

Huize You _ Collection explanation

Inspired by a movie of Rainer Werner Fassbinder

A man is interviewed by a sympathetic woman. His tale unfolds, of hard work that never pleases his parents, of a father who denigrates his efforts, of an indifferent mother. He builds them a house. Instead of offering their flat to him and his bride, they give the flat up, so he goes to Munich to work in construction, bringing his wife who is soon pregnant. They buy things on credit; he works overtime. He shows up with flowers and expensive gifts. When construction slows and he works less overtime, he cannot adjust his spending habits: he needs to be loved. Pressures mount. When he snaps, and violence ensues, who will be his victim?

This Collection started in April, 2020, when I was “Stuck” at home with my family and my very important B.A. graduation collection in the corona Lockdown. From that time, I started to think about how family relations influenced me.

I started to think about how family relations influenced me, everyone’s life and personality. We can’t choose our families, they might be very cold blooded and distant, they could be very controlling, they can be too free and might not give you the push you need. I have very traditional asian parents, who are controlling and never expressing love. It influenced me a lot. The feelings for your parents are very complicated. You could be stuck in between. We try to meet their expectations, but no matter how hard we try, we will never be the perfect square our parents want us to be , we can never fit completely in their box, even if we tried. Like this guy in Fassbinder’s movie.
I also inspired by Bernd Lohaus’s Art works and Package designs the folding papers and so on. The whole collection is also echoed with my role as a fashion student and a mother, the balance is really difficult to keep.
I wish everyone, including myself, can meet their own expectations, and not the expectations of others.

– Huize You